Episode 27 - Patchwork Podcast

In this week's episode, rather than not making a new episode at all, due to conflicting schedules, Mike & Rob find a new way to make an entire episode worth of material from different places around the globe (well, all within a 10-mile radius, though).  They discuss a classic "would you rather" scenario, devise ways to get Rob fired from his job and frame him for murder, and then have a lengthy discussion about the good, the bad and the ugly regarding horror films.  Enjoy!

Episode 26 - Happy Present Day!

Mike & Rob discuss the misbehavior of certain NFL players, the history of a pretend holiday and discuss the popular attitude towards the having the new U2 album forced into your iTunes software... and then review the album.  Well, the first half of it, anyway.  Then Rob leaves.  I guess you don't even need to listen to the show now... you've pretty much read the entire breakdown right here.  So why bother?

Episode 24 - You've Got The Touch!

This week, Mike & Rob discover that you can stream live video of yourself while recording a podcast!  The trick is getting people to actually tune in and watch!  They discuss, again, many things about movies, music and TV, take questions from listeners, re-present an opportunity for listeners to suggest an awesome and original way for the guys to do their ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and then find out that technology can sometimes... well, suck.

Episode 22 - The Deep End Of The Nerd Pool

This week, Mike gives Rob a late review of the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (and tries to mention a few positive things), Rob explains to Mike what a typical vacation at Lake Tahoe is like for him - and they even get a quick call from Rob in the future!  Then they answer a few questions from the listeners, and get into some more Stephen King novel talk... this time getting a little into his latest novel, "Doctor Sleep", the sequel to "The Shining" (which, of course, leads to more talk about the Stanley Kubrick film).  THAT'S ALL!

Episode 18 - It'll Eat You With Its Butt!

Mike & Rob discuss the great Mötley Crüe concert ticket debacle of 2014 (and then reminisce about past concert ticket debacles), check out Mike's "Best of Metallica" playlists on Spotify, go on an epic "Grammar Police" rant, featuring a full analysis Weird Al Yankovic's new hit song and music video "Word Crimes", take on a couple movie quote challenges from listeners, explain some technical aspects of the making of Back To The Future II, and then wrap it up with a little bit of Stephen King talk.  Check it out!

Episode 17 - Karma's A Thing And You Just Experienced It

This week, Mike & Rob get back to basics and just cover some interesting new stuff.  Rob recounts his weekend excursion to San Diego for the annual "Over The Line" tournament, Mike explains a little bit about his work on the set of a couple commercials, they play a game of "Random", and then discuss movies (22 Jump Street (2014), Jersey Boys (2014), Don Jon (2013), The Langoliers (1995) and Escape From Tomorrow (2013)), new music (Pink Floyd, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and 'Weird Al' Yankovic), sports (MLB Home Run Derby & All-Star Game) and some recent news (the 6 Californias and Comcast Customer Service).


Episode 11 - Mr. Mike & Rob Goes to Washington

Damn!  Off-script again!  Mike & Rob just go to TOWN talkin' about all sorts of shizzle with no plan or direction!  (It appears now that thais might be the best way to go.)  But if you MUST know what they discuss, they get into Legos and model cars, the glory of the original Dodge Viper - they go OFF on politics for some reason! - introduce The Grammar Police, talk Oakland A's baseball, and then do a couple movie reviews!  Classic pod!