About Us

MEDIAWORKS PRODUCTIONS is a production hub in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. We work with local talent from many various specialties (from directors, writers, lighting technicians and directors of photography to editors, After Effects artists, voice-over artists, set designers and sound engineers) to bring our clients the best video products possible. Without the general overhead of having our own studio, a large staff or vast warehouses of expensive video equipment, our budgets can be kept reasonable by delegating and renting these services on an as-needed basis. It's the "à la carte" approach to video production, and we do it right.

In 2011, Mediaworks was officially launched by Michael Wood - a Bay Area native writer, filmmaker, video producer and editor - whose goal was to make a living doing what he loved: creating high-quality video images that tell a great story.  His biggest desire as a producer was to help his fellow media-makers in the Bay Area find work, make money, and further their expertise by means of the social networking and partnership attitude for which Bay Area artistry is known.  By contrast, Hollywood is run by huge studios, unions and hundreds of attorneys. Up here, we have a different style and Michael wanted to find a better way to utilize that approach. Thus, Mediaworks was born and constantly strives to bring high-end clientele to the hard-working, highly creative independent artists all around us.

Today, Mediaworks partners with other production companies like INNER CIRCLE CREATIVERINC, Inc. and NEUCIRCUITMEDIA to produce beautiful and effective video content for large companies like 24 Hour Fitness, Les Mills U.S., Wells Fargo, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo!, as well as for individuals like attorneys, local small businesses and community events.

Founded in San Ramon, CA, MEDIAWORKS strives to grow its database of local talent and to connect the best talents with the best opportunities in local video production possible throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.